Surely you’ve heard of companies that were born in a garage and have been growing little by little, because we feel very proud to have started like this. We started to work from a humble garage at home and little by little with the help, advice and your opinions, we have and continue to improve our simulator to do something for and for you.

LeanGP is born from an unmet need since there are motorcycle video games. Yes, for 20 years we were still playing motorcycle video games with a remote, however, fans of video games have been enjoying many years of accessories that enhance the experience, such as steering wheels, pedals, levers of change, seats races, structures where to mount all this etc.

Then we asked ourselves that question that many motorcycle enthusiasts will have asked themselves: Why do car videogame fans have this whole range of accessories, and we do not have anything?

This is where at the beginning of 2017 we made the decision to start developing the first motorcycle simulator to play at home and its accessories.




In February 2017, we successfully launched our crowdfunding campaign, in which thanks to your support we obtained 250% of our objective with a minimum investment, thereby financing the production of the first units of the simulator and part of the development.

Currently our goal does not end in making the first motorcycle simulator for home, but in being the most innovative company in the field of accessories for motorcycle games. Proof of this are the 4 patents that we have accumulated in the first year of life as a company. These patents, besides protecting the simulator, protect the accessories we have invented and developed from scratch.

With this strategy we want to get as close as possible to the sensations, adrenaline and emotions that MotoGP riders have when they compete.

In short, LeanGP is a company created by and for all of you, so if you have any questions, suggestions, advice, proposals or whatever, we will always be open to assist you.

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