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Dakar 18, Get lost in the middle of the desert

by | Oct 23, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

A few weeks ago the game Dakar 18, 15 years have passed since the last installment of this game, in this edition the studio responsible for developing the game has been Bigmoon Entertaiment and it seems that it will not disappoint the followers of the most extreme test in motor sport.

The first thing that surprises us this installment is that it is disputed in an open world of 15,000km square and it is very much taking into account that the crew 2 known for its open world has 5,000 square km. In the open world of Dakar 18 we will be able to travel through all the different countries for this competition. But forget about the direction arrows, curves and other help elements, this time the developers have strived to faithfully follow the difficulties of this extreme rally.

One aspect to highlight is that in this edition has followed the same regulations as the championship so in addition to going fast you will have to worry about following the path through your road book, these road books have been provided by the own pilots to the development team.

To feel the complexity of this test the creators have followed in detail the difficulties faced by the pilots, it is very easy to get lost, there are no signposts on the track that indicate the way forward, breakdowns are very common, you can stay aground in many places, changes of terrain that the new physics replicate and a long etc. But for the novice players there is the compass resource that tells you the direction to follow until the next control point.

It has also included changing weather and actual damage to the vehicle, these damages must be repaired with Dakar points that you will accumulate. Another way to accumulate points is to use the same fellowship as in the championship, this means that if you find someone stranded and help you out, you will receive Dakar points, but this is your decision.

The developers after many years in white have tried hard and have changed course towards a realistic simulation of the championship, hopefully like Dakar fans are they who give the verdict.


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