Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there several models?

We have created several models with different prices for each type of use:

Home: Simulator designed for normal domestic use.

Center: We know that VR centers will use more hours per day, which is why we have designed this model with much stronger pieces to give you more hours *.

* You can not use the Home model in the simulation centers, VR or for events and rentals, you can void the warranty. Please read our policy of guarantees and returns.

Can I use the 'Home' model for Centers or Events?

DO NOT. Each model was designed for a few hours and type of use, ignoring can void the warranty

¿Puedo usar el modelo 'Center' para eventos?

DO NOT. Just as you can not use the Home model in centers, you can not use the Center model in events, it could void the warranty otherwise. If you need a simulator for events do not hesitate to contact us.

¿Cuanto peso soporta el simulador?

The simulator is designed to support a player between 45 and 110 Kg.

¿Como se conecta para jugar?

Just put it in front of your TV and console or PC and connect it using the USB cable, it will be recognized automatically, you will not have to do any extra configuration. Connect and Enjoy


¿Hacéis envíos a mi país?

We work hard to reach all countries with an affordable shipping price, you can check the complete list of countries to which we send in this link, we will update with the new countries that we get.


¿Cuanto tarda el envío?

There are many interested in acquiring our simulator, that is why we have a great demand for simulators to manufacture, in addition we are not satisfied with little, we are carrying out exhaustive tests to manufacture a great product. There is waiting queue so we will be serving the simulators in order of order entry.

We are a small company and we can not manufacture in series, we accumulate the orders until having a certain quantity to be able to manufacture several orders at once.


¿Que tipos de pagos se acepta?

Paypal: Use your paypal account to make secure payments. The order will be made immediately.

Stripe: Use stripe to pay with your credit card in a secure way, no stripe account is needed or the card data is stored. The order will be made immediately.

Bank transfer: Make an income to the account provided when placing the order, use the order number for the transfer issue. The order will not be sent until the entry is checked

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