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LeanGP accessories for the motorcycle simulator

Many people ask us if our motorcycle simulator has a gearshift in the foot, a rear brake on the foot, a clutch … That’s why we decided to talk about the LeanGP accessories in LeanGPost this week’sit.

The answer to all these people is that they do not come with them included, but they will have the option of being able to install these accessories and some other surprise that we will reveal to you.

Our simulators have been designed to easily install the accessories that we launch to the market, as we always say, the Plug & Play is the key. This has its downside, and that is that this design task has made us suffer a small delay in development, but always for your own good, we want the first ones to have the same conditions and options as those that will come later, think about it. unfair that it would be that a client who supported us in the beginning received a more limited product than the customers who bought it later.

The LeanGP accessories


The footrests, both right and left, are designed to be easily housed and installed if desired, in addition to the gearshift lever you will have configuration Racing (first gear up and the others down), or Street (first down and the others up).

Let’s not forget the rear brake lever, just like the footrests will be Plug & Play, and how could it be otherwise, it will have the feel of a real rear brake on a motorcycle and will be progressive since we know how important it is the control of the brakes.

The forgotten clutch

It is not that we forget the clutch, and we are asked a lot, if not the best known video game developers, for various reasons and have ignored the clutch in their games, and that is that until the MotoGP 18 there was no clutch , now they have introduced it but only for the exit of the grill and make a manual exit, that’s where the use of the clutch ends.

On the other hand, a game much less known as the GP Bikes if it has been implemented and in addition to a very faithful level of realism, go through our review to know it better, you will surely love it

More to come

But here it does not end all, in LeanGP we are working on other accessories never seen in the world of motosimracing, these accessories will improve the level of immersion in the game. But do not worry because you, those who follow us in our social networks and in this blog will be the first to find out about these innovations and releases.

You can also choose the accessories of a range of colors to customize the simulator to your liking and with a unique look.

With these accessories we hope to satisfy the most demanding players and that the most casual players do not have to pay an extra price for accessories they do not want or need.

It should be noted that these LeanGP accessories are not yet available on the web and are in development status, in December approximately will be available on the web.

If you think we should develop an accessory, function or anything, we are happy to listen to you and discuss it with you. We want LeanGP to be a company made by and for you.

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