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In this first post we are going to take a trip to the past to put ourselves in a situation, some of us have experienced this, but others will be caught up in new ones ?.

In the 70s / 80s the arcades arose, in them in exchange for a coin you could play a game or the machine that you liked the most. The idea was based on surpassing itself game after game and go further in the game.

This entertainment was reserved for recreational salons because the high price of these machines could be recovered with the money that people were introducing in exchange for credits to play.

There were games of all kinds, but we will focus on the simulators of cars and motorcycles. Here are some examples:

Super HangOn

One of the first Sega motorcycle simulators that used a motorcycle as a videogame controller. Although we played with our feet on the ground, in those years we began to feel like real pilots. In addition he accompanied a very good soundtrack. If you are interested in learning more about this video game do not hesitate to see our special 30 years (30 years of Hang On)

Manx TT

This simulator was the first to take a step forward making it possible to play in addition to the feet on the floor, upload them to the footrests. This simple innovation made him win in realism and added a difficulty that motivated people to continue playing on this machine.

For the development of this simulation machine, we had the collaboration of the Honda Castrol competition team that helped in the improvement of several points including the situation of the speakers for a greater realism of the sound of the bikes.

Sega Rallye Championship

This simulator was a success thanks to the great realism it offered when taking into account the changes in pavement in the behavior of vehicles. Many magazines and video game critics rated it as the best racing game so far and the creators of Colin Mcrae admitted that it was an inspiration to them.

Over time these games became affordable and to enter homes when consoles arose as the Nintendo, Sega and later Playstation. After the simulators of cars with steering wheels and basic pedals were taken to the homes, these were evolving until arriving at what we know today as simulators.

So far so good, except one snag, motorcycle simulators were forgotten and no one began to develop models for use at home. So far, that with the birth of LeanGP this will stop being like this forever.

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