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MotoGP 18 : News of the new motorcycle simulator

Milestone has listened to what the MotoGP players had been asking insistently for a long time, they wanted something more pro and MotoGP 18 is the answer. The Italian studio has taken a big step forward, not only because of the change in the graphic engine but also because of its approach to a more simulated and less arcade game model. Of course, due to the learning curve that this game has, new players who join the saga, have plenty of help and tutorials to learn little by little to pilot.


MotoGP18 Reburfished

Until now, the Yebis3 graphic engine was being used in its most recent version, the 3, which had been somewhat outdated, but with the adoption of Unreal engine 4 the game has improved significantly. Keep in mind that they have developed the game from scratch with a new engine and other physical in less than a year, this is something to admire.

logotipo motogp 17
logotipo motogp 18

The motorcycle through the window

In this new version Milestone has wanted to go for all, as we have done in this game, they wanted to leave the Yebis3 that was falling short for the development of this great title, to use the great Unreal 4 that has already shown in other games be a great choice The game has improved a lot and has achieved a level of detail and impressive realism.

But that’s not all, for this new Motogp 18 avant-garde technologies have been used to create the circuits or even the pilots.

Laser and Drones

They have used lasers to make the measurements of the circuits to the millimeter, even potholes and changes of grade during the circuit have been reproduced in the video game to the detail, also to have better aerial views of the circuits have used drones to capture those impressive aerial views.

laser motogp18
drone motogp18

This mixture of technologies has resulted in a great detail of the circuit as we can see

3D for face

Yes, we know that Mileston has always done a good job with the riders in their games, but with these great advances they had to do something to be up to the task.

That is why they have used 3D scanners to scan the faces of all the MotoGP riders, and they have achieved a great level of detail on the faces.

In the section on physics, we have been able to hear from journalists who have been able to prove it, who has improved a lot, according to what they told us, they have polished it a lot and it feels more real than the previous titles, something that had remained stuck in the last years . In some short gameplays it is observed that the suspensions react faithfully to the state of the road, both to the bouncing of the potholes and to braking and accelerations, this is a key point in the realism of the physics of driving a motorcycle.

Many news

Among all the novelties that this new release will bring, yes, not only have work in physics and graphics, we want to highlight the following:

  • Photo Mode: A classic already in driving simulators. In driving games every time both landscapes and vehicles are more realistic, so, why not stop and make that ‘Selfie’ with our favorite bike and track ?, put your best profile and get that photo
  • Personalization: In this occasion have created many more personalization accessories than the previous deliveries, such as new helmets, gloves, boots etc …
  • Improve your motorcycle: As in the customization, have improved or even introduced a new mechanics for the improvement of the bike in the box.
  • Damage system: Hard work has been done in realism, but without damage, what realism is there ?, the damage system has been introduced, each fall will affect the operation of the motorcycle, depending on the difficulty, the motorcycle will endure more or less fallen before stopping completely.
  • Get down: As in the previous one, there can be no realism and infinite tires. This time, the management of the tires is going on, they are going to wear out during the qualifying races and races, so manage them well.
  • MotoGP ID: Now it’s going to be clearer who is the best in MotoGP 18. Milestone has created the MotoGP ID, as a virtual card, a way that we can boast of our statistics with friends (or rivals). MotoGP ID will keep each and every one of our global statistics as, Hours played, victories, podiums, chronometers.


Another year Milestone launches his eSport of motorcycles, and that is no wonder, after last year created from scratch and in a short time the first motorcycling eSports in the world, have been overcome. This year in addition to the online events, we will have several face-to-face events and the final as last year will be held in the circuit Ricardo Tormo of Valencia.

In summary, we like the way that Milestone has taken with this last MotoGP, they have listened to what the fans requested and they have risked but as they say, the one who does not risk does not win

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