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This year Dorna Sports reinforces its commitment to the MotoGP e-Sports Championship, after surprising us last year by organizing a competition in record time, a spectacular staging and retransmitted by the legend Valentino Rossi, this year still betting more if possible by this type of competition.

This is something that fans of motorcycles and video games have to thank, so far, as happened with the peripherals for motorcycle video games, fans of these competitions were orphans of an official championship in which to participate. Proof that a large audience was waiting for something like this were the more than 75 million people who followed the final through different media around the world.

In addition, this time not only the PlayStation players can participate but also the Xbox and PC platforms will be added, this will increase the number of participants and with it the level of demand in the times to qualify.

This year you could say that we all started from scratch, since they have changed the driving physics making them more real than in the previous edition (you can see our review), so you have to get the game as soon as possible to start practice and get used to the new behaviors of motorcycles.

We are very proud to present the second edition of the MotoGP e-Sport Championship this year and we are confident that many more fans will have the opportunity to participate from any platform, with both online and offline events.

Said Pau Serracanta, Managing Director at Dorna Sports.

“Without doubt, it will also benefit the MotoGP teams as they will have a greater exposure with their fans”

End by thanking Milestone for the work done in this latest installment.

This year’s calendar is divided in this way:

  • Austin: July 18-22.
  • Sachsenring: from July 25 to 29.
  • Qatar: from August 1 to 5.
  • Austria: from 8 to 12 August.
  • Semifinal 1: in Misano World Circuit, on September 7 (face-to-face).
  • Phillp Island: from September 12 to 16.
  • Mugello: from September 19 to 23.
  • Sepang: from September 26 to 30.
  • Thailand: from October 3 to 7.
  • Semifinal 2: Movistar e-Sports Center, on November 2 (face-to-face).
  • Grand final: Valencia, on November 16 (face-to-face).

You can follow all the races from the official website of MotoGP e-Sports

The prize for this year’s winner will be a brand-new BMW M240i Coupe and several experiences that according to the organization’s “can not be bought with money”, we will have to wait to see what we have.


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