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Motorcycle simulator available to everyone?

Dear enthusiasts of motorcycles and videogames, today we are going to talk about the market of motorcycle simulators. Even in the birth of LeanGP this type of products was reserved / vetoed to recreational salons, events and motorcycling equipment with high budgets.

Our purpose has always been to bring this type of products to the homes of fans of motorcycles and video games. We have developed our simulator thanks to the opinion of the people who were testing the different prototypes in fairs, events and motorcycle races.

Thanks to this method of development we have managed to make a product that appeals to the majority, always taking into account the costs so that the majority can afford to enjoy this product.


We will start with who is for us the start of motorcycle simulators as we know them today:


This is the recreational machine par excellence, it is recreational designed for Sega by people from our team. Hundreds of thousands of units were sold, proof of the good work done is that even today there are units that are still in operation around the world. Updates of this model have also been made based on the initial design.

In his day it was a breakthrough and he is still an inspiration to us today. PRICE: ND

After we went to the events sector, in this sector we have several options, the best known is:


This simulator is the most impressive of all those that exist in the market of events, has up to 9 motorized movement axes, offers a VR experience that consists of an onboard lap recorded in a 360º camera. The software makes the motors act depending on the recording point of the 360º camera onboard.

The experience is very good, but does not allow interaction with the pilot in VR giving the feeling that you are not the one driving the bike.

PRICE: +- 45.000€

A continuación, pasamos a hablar del sector del entrenamiento profesional para pilotos:


The CKU simulator is preferred by professional motorcycle riders, this simulator has two motorized movement axes. As in the previous model, its operation consists of imitating the movements made by a pilot following video onboard reproduced on the screen integrated in the simulator.

As in the previous simulator, this does not allow interaction with the pilot either, that is, your movements are not reflected in what happens on the screen.

PRICE: +- 30.000€

In summary, these simulators are fine for their purpose, but it would be impossible for price, space and compatibility to have it in our homes. In addition to not allowing use with home entertainment systems (PS4, Xbox, PC) makes no one consider this option.

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    • LeanGP

      Hi Alex

      This simulator is amazing and spectacular, but it is a simulator too big and expensive to be able to put it in a house.

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