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LEGAL NOTICE: Designed model, only and exclusively for private use at home, this model does not comply with the regulations of use and safety in public spaces. The use of this model in public spaces, events or similar involves a complaint to the relevant authorities and the loss of the guarantee for improper use, this text serving as a legal notice.


Tired of playing your motorcycle games with a simple command? Until now there were only simulation accessories for car fans, unfair, right? But this has finally changed.

Imagine feeling your motorcycle video games, the LeanGP motorcycle simulator brings you closer to the sensations of riding a motorcycle, forget about playing with the boring command and live a new experience without leaving home.

Tomb like a motorbike to take the curves, accelerate with the fist of progressive gas and brake with the progressive handle. All this allows you to be more precise, have more control and improve your lap times.

Save it easily, we know that the space at home is important, that’s why we have designed the simulator to scale and with thebase folding so that it is not a nuisance when you do not use it.

Adjust it to your height, thanks to the adjustable system can be used by people from 1.60 to 2 meters.

Personalize it, make your simulator unique with vinyl of your name and number in LeanGP typography.

To create a product for and for you, we developed up to 4 evolutions involving world champions motorcycle, engineers with experience in the design and manufacture of simulators for Ducati, gamers and fans of motorcycle video games.


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