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Review: GP BIKES the best motorcycle game

Today we talk about another motorcycle game, but this time not as well known as the Milestone titles, we refer to an Indie, the GP Bikes. This game we can say in a loud voice that it is a motorcycle simulator and also the best and most faithful that exists at the moment. We advance that its level of simulation is not recommended for more casual players, to master this simulator you will need many hours of learning, training and patience, something that not all players like, yes, everything has its audience.

This game is the perfect simulator that the community was waiting for since the launch of the great mythical GP500, which was considered by the community as the best motorcycle game in history, since then companies have continued to take great titles of motorcycling for different platforms ( You can see our ranking of games), but they are more arcade style where you do not need much training and hours to have a good time piloting.

el mejor juego de motos

The beginning

The game is born from a small studio called PiBoSo, so small that it is only composed by one person, who has done a great job. The first version was released in 2012 under the name GP BIkes beta1. During these years the developer has not stopped, which has been improving many things and renewing. According to PiBoSo, this simulator is based on a physics engine built by scratch that simulates with precision the dynamics of the motorcycle.

At present GP BIkes is in its 13th version of the beta and the opposite of what the word “beta” refers to is actually a complete game that, as we said, does not stop being updated.

The difference

When you download the game and enter, you can realize that you only have one bike per category, do not worry, it’s normal. As we said before, PiBoSo is a very small team, so it does not have any official MotoGP license (remember that Milestone has them) so to avoid legal issues it only has a ‘white label’ motorcycle. It also happens with the tracks, there is only one test.

GP Bikes in a large community project, so the community provides content in a free and disinterested way in the official forum of the game and are quite easy to install with what we will have a great game in full, with pilots, motorcycles and tracks Officials of the MotoGP World Championship or even other tracks or circuits like the isle of man.

Unlike other motorcycle games, physicists are incredibly faithful. We will list the most important ones:

  • The precision of braking, you have to be very careful with the curves and braking, if you slow down more than necessary with the front wheel this will block you and you will go to the ground.
  • Control the acceleration, as in braking, if you accelerate very fast you risk losing control of the rear wheel with what you get a nice high-side.
  • Dirt in the wheels, as in real life, if you leave the track and get to touch the grass or gravel you have to be careful to get back on track, you can fall if you do not. But once on the track be careful, your wheels are dirty for a few moments and affect stability.
  • Wear of wheels, if the wheels wear out when driving and especially at the high temperatures that they take in the circuits, so be careful, because the road tires accumulate in the road.
  • Position your pilot well, like all games, the bike takes the curves knocking it down, but in life, the bike does not tumble alone, it is the pilot’s weight that makes the motorcycle move, so in this simulator what we control is the pilot (his position) and we can independently control the handlebar, something that makes it unique and different.
  • Adjustment and calibration, we can touch many settings of the bike to a high level of accuracy and do not forget the peripheral to play, we can calibrate the sensitivity in many ways.
  • VR, yes, you read correctly and it’s not Real Velocity, the game is ready for Virtual Reality, and it’s not a VR experience like Moto Racer VR has full compatibility, amazing

phillip island- GP Bikes vs Real

GP Bikes VR

These are just some things from which this simulator is different, but there are many more.


There is a lot of difference between this simulator and the other games, but since it is from an Indie studio, it has not had much repercussion for the networks and it is also only available for PC and there is no intention in the short term to take it to consoles according to the developer.

Going from a MotoGP or Ride2 to this is like going from a Need for Speed ​​to a Project Cars, like from earth to heaven.

If you have been curious to try this game, you can download a demo (a motorcycle without a pilot and a track) to prove that realism offers, you will not regret it. If at the end you like it you can get a lifetime license for only € 27 from the same website. When you buy the license gives you unlimited access to all updates, improvements and content that are released officially (remember that there is a lot of content, called ‘mods’ for free in the forum). It also gives you World Racing Series license another car simulation game.

In short, it is not a game for all the public and only focuses on the most demanding, those who when playing MotoGP notice that they lack something, that something has GP Bikes. We encourage you to try it and tell us what you think about it, that is if you train a lot and you will see how little by little you will stop falling so much to be scratching those tenths of the time. And when you feel ready, search online and challenge other pilots around the world.

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