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Telemetry arrives at MotoSimRacing with Motogp18

Thanks to UNAmedia’s SimRacing Telemetry (SRT) application, telemetry finally arrives at the MotoGP18 video game. Dorna Sports and Milestone are doing a great job and effort to put at the same level the simulation of motorcycles (MotoSimRacing) to that of cars (SimRacing). SRT is available for PC, Mac, IOS and Android devices and is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mac. The download is free, but we will have to pay 9.99 for each game that we want to parameterize.

Telemetry is the data generated by the motorcycle in each round, a MotoGP generates data from the more than 30 sensors it has installed (engine temperature, tire pressure, shock absorbers, inclination and a long etc.). Unlike formula 1, telemetry in MotoGP is not seen from the Box in real time, but is extracted or overturned from the switchboard when you reach the pits, and are studied later.


This application allows eSports fans to have the necessary and understandable data to improve our lap times, just like the MotoGP riders do.

SRT records, compares and saves the data of each round to see them later, we can compare the data of two rounds to see in which points we can improve. In addition, they can be projected on a circuit recreation to see them in a clearer and visual way thanks to the different colors.

In this way we can see by sectors where we brake and where we start to accelerate, and if we compare them with other laps we can know if we can speed up the braking, start accelerating before, enter the curve more open or more closed to catch traction in the next and a long ecétera that will allow us little by little to scratch tenths of the time. As we all know some tenths in each sector in the end can be converted into seconds per lap.


A few of the data available to measure in MotoGP18 are:

  • Lap number.
  • Lap distance.
  • Lap time.
  • Lap invalid time.
  • World position.
  • Speed ​​vector.
  • G-Force vector.
  • Career position.
  • Throttle.
  • Gear.
  • RPM.
  • Tyre compound.

As a point of interest to the most clueless, the MotoGP 18 eSport championship started on July 18 the first test at the Austin Texas circuit and finished on 22. It is currently in the second Sachsenring event from July 25 to 29 .

Up to now all the development of both hardware and software was dedicated to video games of cars like Project cars, Asseto Corsa, Iracing etc. But luckily, it seems that it is beginning to put interest in motorcycle video games, all good news for us.

The world of MotoSimRacing begins to gather strength to catch up with SimRacing and is that until recently all efforts were focused on fans of car games. Little by little and with the community that we are creating together we will be equally relevant or more important than them.

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