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The best motorcycle simulator games

Summer is coming and with it more free time for our hobbies and it seems that the developers of motorcycle video games know it well, and that is that by June 2018 the new MotoGP 18 and the MxGP PRO the new game of the saga have been definitively announced. MxGP. And let’s not forget the long-awaited LeanGP motorcycle simulator.

We wanted to collect and remember the best simulator games of motorcycles of this generation that in our opinion are the best that exist, and with which to enjoy the motorcycle simulator. A total of the 8 best simulation games and some not so simulation and more arcade.

The score has been given by METACRITIC the leading platform in video game criticism and very strict in their scores. The user score has been calculated as an average between METACRITIC and other websites or forums by users.

8º Moto Racer 4

simulador de moto para ps4



Developer:  Microids, Artefacts Estudio

Launched:  January 2017

Moto Racer 4 is the fourth installment of this series of racing video games this time developed by the French Artefacts Studio in collaboration with Microïds. Pilot some of the fastest bikes of the moment in this driving game that stands out for its wide variety of game modes, for a single person and also multiplayer. In total up to 10 players can compete with each other in the spectacular races of Moto Racer 4, which has been designed with the Unreal Engine 4. At the moment this is the only game that belongs to a great company that has opted for Virtual Reality ( only PS4 version), although the game is not completely in VR if they have incorporated some track with which to run with the PSVR, one more step for the evolution of motorcycle simulators.

7º Ducati 90th Aniversario

simulador de moto ps4



Developer:  MILESTONE.

Launched:  June 2016

The creators of RIDE presents Ducati – 90th Anniversary, a spin-off dedicated exclusively to the legendary brand, where they compile nearly a century of the signature in a single video game. In this sense you can drive up to 39 of the most emblematic models chosen from seven periods, from the 50s to historical victories.

Despite being a spin-off of the RIDE has not had many criticisms, and is that if you’re not a fan of the brand, this game does not bring anything new, if not otherwise, we can only use Ducati motorcycles

6º TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge

simuladores de motos



Developed:  BigBen Interactive.

Launched:  March 2018

Tourist Trophy Isle of Man (TT Isle of Man) is a game that recreates one of the most mythical races for motorcyclists, one of the hardest and oldest that is celebrated across several cities of Great Britain. The motorcycle video game offers a 1: 1 reproduction of the circuit thanks to the scanning of the same with laser technology, and also in its development has collaborated the 23 times TT Isle of Man champion, John McGuinnes.

Developed by Kylotonn Games and Bigben Interactive, responsible for WRC 5, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge is attended by 30 Superbike and Supersport pilots, as well as modes for solo enjoyment, split screen and online for up to eight users among others added. The game, obviously, has an official license, including all drivers, motorcycles, categories and even everything related to advertising and sponsors.

5º MXGP 3



Developed: MILESTONE

Launched:  June 2017

The motorcycle saga MXGP presents with this third installment its vision of the speed for the 2016 season, and does so with a video game that uses as a graphic engine and that promises to take the driving of motorcycles to a new level. Those responsible for MXGP 3, Milestone, insist that it is “a great generational leap” with respect to the previous title, as well as the incorporation of a career mode and enormous personalization possibilities to make this the definitive episode of the franchise.

4º Monster Energy Supercross



Developed: MILESTONE

Launched:  February 2018

The official video game based on the largest motocross competition in the world. The Monster motorcycle competition reaches consoles. Monster Energy Motocross allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of the most demanding races on two wheels to become the new Chad Reed, Ken Roczen or Ryan Dugney, current champion of the discipline. Milestone claims to have created one of the ultimate motocross experiences in consoles and computers. It has an official license and lets compete with the official 250SX and 450SX riders on official tracks. It also includes a Track Editor mode with a wide range of possibilities, options to customize both motorcycle and pilot, offline and online modes including a Trajectory mode, etc.

3º MotoGP 17



Desarrollador: MILESTONE

Fecha lanzamiento:  Junio 2017

MotoGP 17, the official videogame of the maximum category of the World-wide one of Motorcycling, returns one more season with all the pilots, equipment and circuits of 2017, as well as the new regulation and the championship of novices of Red Bull. The game, once again in the hands of Milestone, brings the high-speed two-wheel drive to a new level of graphic performance, guaranteeing that it reaches 60 frames for the first time.

The MotoGP 17 game includes extras such as Moto2, Moto3 and Legends to the MotoGP queen category, as well as a new Double Race mode and a Representative mode.


2º Ride 2



Developed: MILESTONE

Launched:  February 2017

The passion for motorcycling captured in the second installment of the Milestone franchise. RIDE 2 expands its motorcycle catalog and adds new routes and technical possibilities to its simulation for players to discover, transform and test the fastest and most iconic vehicles in the world. In total, the game has more than 170 motorcycles, more than 30 circuits as well as 16 game modes. In addition, the production comes with configuration options from aesthetics to the very intricacies of the machine.

1º Drive Club Bikes



Developed: Evolution Studios

Launched:  October 2015

Exclusive to PS4, DriveClub Bikes is considered one of the best motorcycling games at present, despite being an expansion of the same Car DriveClub game. Includes a total of 12 bikes with which to compete against the machine or against friends and other players through the internet. It allows running in six countries: Scotland, Chile, Norway, Canada, India and Japan. In turn, each country has five tracks on open roads (all of them with an inverted version) and a circuit with three variants. That leaves us a total of 78 tracings.

These are the games that we have chosen from among all the existing ones in the market, do you think there is one missing from the list? Do you think that any score is not deserved and deserves more? or less?. Tell us your opinion and help us improve this list so that we can all enjoy the passion of the 2 wheels in digital.

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