The standard version is also available for Xbox One and PC

VALENCIA. In the last edition of the Madrid Gaming Experience, LeanGP had the opportunity to experience the virtual reality applied to motorcycling video games. In effect, we tested the Moto Racer 4 VR. A new horizon opens up, but its possibilities are still to be exploited.

It is necessary to emphasize that we could only steal a demo of the game that consisted of a test of three laps against the clock. The fun of the game was to find as many shortcuts as possible to achieve the best possible chrono and overcome the rest of the players.

It was our first contact with virtual reality technology. The nerves were chewed in our bodies, because as lovers, both video games and motorcycling, we could discover first-hand the degree of immersion of the PlayStation virtual reality system.

Before analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the system it is necessary to point out that the resolution to which we visualized the game was of 720 pixels as it is a trial version. In addition, the game was being played on a conventional PlayStation 4, rather than on a PlayStation 4 Pro.



  • The feeling of immersion is absolute. From the moment you wear the helmet, you feel that you are inside the path.
  • The gameplay is simple, without excessive complexity. In addition, the control of the bike is smooth and intuitive.

Weak points

  • The graphics are far from the ones currently known. The problem is that the graphic and processing power needed for glasses to generate graphics like those seen in big games like Valentino Rossi the game or MXGP2 is very high. Therefore, either increase the price of the device and the PlayStation 4 or reduce the graphic quality to achieve a very competitive price
  • Sometimes there are downloads of frames per second causing the game to go to blows. In principle, this problem should not occur with the PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • PSVR (Playstation VR) can generate dizziness and headaches to some players whose eyesight is more sensitive. That is why no child under 12 must try them.


Can the experience be improved?

simulador leangp Realidad virtual

For 2018 it will improve considerably thanks to LeanGP. Once we present our simulators you will be able to drive a motorbike from your living room. You will have the opportunity to lean on the curves, put gas from the handlebar and brake by pressing the trigger. The best of all is that you can play as you’ve never imagined with the virtual reality helmet included. In this way, you can emulate your favorite pilots without leaving home. Are you ready to challenge stars like Rossi, Márquez or Lorenzo?


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